Real Estate Sales: Sell Your Home In The Winter

Real Estate Sales: Sell Your Home In The Winter

Real estate sales have a cyclical pattern every year, where more homes are listed and sold through the warmer months than in the winter. While the Denver winter brings cold temperatures and snow, don’t let the change in seasons interfere with selling your home. A few simple ideas will help your property show well to prospective buyers. Here are a few tips on working around Mother Nature and selling your home in the Colorado winter.

Keep the Floors Clean.
Your house, your rules. Be sure to ask buyer agents and their clients to remove their shoes when they come into your home. It’s a sure fire way to keep the snow outside and reduce the amount of dirt, mud, salt and chemicals on your clean floors. Have your Realtor® add this request to the showing notes in your MLS listing for other agents to see. If you have tile or wood floors, you can also leave a couple of towels on the floor by the front door to wipe up puddles from melting snow. Most Realtors® are respectful of the homes they are showing and will help keep your home in the same condition as when they arrived.
Shovel the Walks

If you live in the home you are selling, you probably shovel the driveway and sidewalks as a matter of routine. If you are selling a property that is vacant, be sure to spend the time or hire a service to keep the sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Not only will it reduce the liability and potential for someone to fall on your property, but it shows better. The cleared driveway and sidewalks give a cleaner, polished look.

Take Non-Snow Photos

When your real estate agent takes photos of the outside of your home to put in the MLS and use for marketing materials, try to get pictures without snow. Cold, grey, cloudy days with the ground covered in snow presents your home in a gloomy, washed out manner. If necessary, and the weather permits, have your agent take new photos when the Colorado skies have turned back to the sunny, bright blue days we are used to. These new images can be swapped out in the MLS and in the marketing materials to present a brighter, happier home.

Keep the Heat On

If the property you are selling is vacant, or if you have a thermostat that automatically reduces the heat during the weekday work hours, turn the heat up to a comfortable temperature. You don’t want your prospective buyers rushing through the tour so they can get back to a warm car. Make your home inviting and comfortable.

We certainly can’t control the weather, but there are ways to work around the inconveniences the cold and snow bring through the winter. Don’t let things that can be avoided, like an icy driveway, distract from all the great things about your home. The ultimate goal is to show your home in the very best light, so your buyer can see the best qualities of the property and make an offer.